Basic Notary Services

Basic Notary Services:

Sign & Seal

Court Filings
Oaths of Affirmation
Copy Certification
Signature Witness

We Also Serve:
Nursing Homes
Law Offices
Social Services
Government Offices

As we support our community, 
First signing is FREE for:
School Administrators
Childcare Providers
Active Duty & Military Veterans
Clergy Members
Medical Personnel
First Responders

If your bank is closed, it's a holiday,
or you can't leave your home
we can still serve you!

To protect our customers,
we offer eNotary and Remote Online Notary Services.
eNotary- means that you email your documents
and have them notarized electronically.
RON- means that you can conduct the appointment
by a virtual meeting with a webcam,
and we notarize the documents remotely using
SnapDocs and DocVerify.